Lesson Package

Whether you’re just starting out your journey with Tarot, or you’re seeking to expand the breadth & depth of your practice, you can count on receiving the best I have to offer.

In the course of tutoring Tarot privately, I have created a variety of lessons to help students that I now make available to you.

This option is for folks who want to pursue specific subjects with an ordered format. Each lesson includes an original PDF with 1-2 pages of explanation of the topic, & exercises that will help you integrate the lesson into your practice.

When scheduling your lesson(s), you'll have the opportunity to select from the options below.


  • [Basics] Approaching the Tarot — Beginner steps
  • [Basics] Understanding Archetypes & Their Role in Tarot
  • [Basics] Correspondence & Its Importance in Practice
  • [Basics] Reading for Yourself
  • [Basics] Understanding Court Cards
  • [Basics] Spread Basics
  • [Basics] Practical Occultism & Improving the Subtleties of Practice


  • [Advanced] The Qabalistic Tree of Life & The Tarot
  • [Advanced] Astrology & Tarot
  • [Advanced] Understanding & Using Reversals
  • [Advanced] Advanced Spread Building
  • [Advanced] Reading for Others (2 Parts)
  • [Advanced] Initiatic Tarot
  • [Advanced] Tarot Magic(k) (The Active Approach) (2 Parts)
  • [Advanced] Number, Numerology & Tarot
  • [Advanced] Understanding the Common Topics of Tarot
  • [Advanced] Troubleshooting Readings

Policies & Ethics

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