discover the art of Tarology

Any human's experience can be accurately described as a complex web of stories and symbolic associations.

It's an easy-to-grasp, intuitive concept that we can all relate to.

Every person has a story that will describe why they feel the way they feel about pretty much anything.

In Tarology, we're aiming to understand how this invisible web is capable of affecting the experience, and to explore opportunities in the present to adjust the web, if a different life-direction is preferred.

I treat the process of the session as a ritual of empowerment & inner-truth seeking, and I do take this work seriously. If this is your first time booking an appointment, you may find some of the information below helpful, if you're uncertain as to whether or not this is a process that would work for you.

A magician's approach

As a Tarologist, my aims are not only to help you obtain clarity in identifying the slippery, invisible tricksters that may be furtively leaving banana peels in your path, but also to assist you in establishing new foundations for growth and progress to move beyond them—and even make use of them in some cases.

During the session, we'll engage the issues and examine them from multiple angles to discover the narratives at the roots. Then, we'll discuss the targets for change and the techniques to help you get on course.

a priestess's lens

Above all else, this is a therapeutic, empathetic style of working with the Tarot. As a professional, I take client-care very seriously. Rather than making decisions for you or to declare the absolutes of your future, my role is to support you in making your own discoveries — and to live how you authentically want to live.

a fool's candor

I love conducting Tarot sessions, and I strive to create an atmosphere of good humor and authenticity within their duration. Though we will undoubtedly broach sensitive topics, there is no reason for us to avoid sharing some laughter and good spirits.

a hierophant's duty

The benefits I have received from personally working with the Tarot are too numerous to list, and it is a distinct privilege to be able to share time with others in pursuing its wisdom. I will donate $5 of every paid Tarot session to a local humanitarian cause, which will rotate every quarter. Transparency and details will be recorded in the blog.

A hermit's promise

If you're still struggling to grasp how to practically apply the content of the session in a positive way, I've got your back. 

Completely optional, short follow-up consultations at no additional charge (for one-on-one appointments, only).


is a m&m session right for you?

Before going full speed ahead into scheduling a session, I sincerely request that new potential clients slow down for a moment and pay some honest consideration to whether or not this process may be right for them, and if they are willing to participate in getting the most out of it.

Here are some need-to-know factors to help you get clarity in regards to my process, and your subsequent decision.

this is about you

You are at the center of the stage of your life. If we sit down for a session, I am going to assume that you have maturely accepted coming to own the responsibility for your development & growth as a person, and are willing to engage in reflection, introspection and self-discovery. 

Again. This is about you.

This isn't about your ex-partner. This isn't about your deceased relative. This isn't about your tyrant supervisor.

This is about your heartbreak; your bereavement; your self-worth.

I am here for you, and while coping is the first step, transitioning to a better beyond comes next.

your future starts now

Every potential future is being created right Now. Every moment is an opportunity to tweak the rails that carry the train of your individual experience.

Questions concerned solely with the future, such as, "What will happen?" and "Yes or no?" or other similar inquiries are abdications of responsibility for your own life, and have toxic implications for both client and practitioner. 

Repeat after me

 "What can happen?"

"What can I do to make this happen?"

"In what ways can I strive to grow in order to encounter the kind of person I want to meet?"

"Why do I keep slipping on this banana peel?!

Now you're getting it.

are you ready to shape your destiny?

My approach to Tarot always aims to encourage transitions and new states of being. It is not uncommon for me to suggest a client try something new, outside of their comfort zone, in order to achieve a new state of being. If you're going to make the most of a session with me, you have to be willing to take a small leap or two.


Take The Leap


- 60 minutes -

basic session

For when you need to check in about one or two particular subjects.


- 120 minutes -

comprehensive session

For when you need to dive into the briny depths of your circumstances.