You’ve not only decided to pursue something awesome, but you’ve also located a resource that will help you develop a profound relationship with the Tarot and its philosophy!

The Why & What

I offer this curriculum because I want to see people develop deep, complex relationships with the Tarot. It’s been an amazing tool in my life that has completely changed how I perceive and how I think, which eventually led to massive benefits in my self-image, my relationships, my creativity, and my professional life.

To be quite frank, what I am offering is a very unique take on the Tarot. It is the synthesis of my experience over years of personal & professional practice combined with the best wisdom currently available on the subject.

Unique, you say?

It seems like Tarot classes are a dime a dozen these days, but the truth is that most of them are fairly disappointing.

The uniqueness of this curriculum lies with the heart of any solid relationship and its development — the space between you and the other (the Tarot, in this case).

The work is distinctly focused on assisting your personal discovery of what the images & philosophy mean to you. In this course, you will never be given prescribed keywords to memorize, because that is not how you create a fulfilling relationship.

In other words, this curriculum is intended to enable you treat the Tarot as fluid language of symbols, and to speak it fluently. If you practice & contemplate the coursework on a consistent basis, you will receive a myriad of subtle benefits that give way to bigger, more real ones.

In regard to your own skills as a Tarot practitioner, this pays dividends as you'll be able to deliver clear, informative readings that are backed by your authentic experience with the images. If you go on to read for clients professionally, this makes a huge difference in your trustworthiness and desirability as a practitioner.

Deep work

While working with the cards in the context of readings is definitely an important part of being a Tarot practitioner, it goes much further than that.

This is as deep as it gets. I want to be clear that this is a serious course, for serious students. It's designed to challenge students to consider subtle complexities of the Tarot's process & significance, which translates into inner knowing and wisdom.

You can expect to go through some life changes throughout the course. Things will shift around, because you will be learning to recognize and speak a language of change. You will likely grow through some things, and it may be difficult at periods. That's part of why this curriculum lasts for a year or longer — so that you have adequate support.

Details regarding the curriculum

I’ve shared with you some of the intentions, aims & claims of the curriculum. Now, let’s talk about what it includes, and what you can expect.

What the Program Includes

The program includes all of the original content I have created in the scope of helping aspiring practitioners. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • All of the structured lessons available here.
  • Resources exclusive to this program, including journal templates, work-sheets, and exercises.
  • Weekly sessions to check in on your development and answer questions.
  • Practice sessions to help you get comfortable with the process.
  • Total support in the development of your unique style & approach to the process.

What you can expect

  • Being challenged to practice often.
  • The development of understanding a symbolic language in your own unique way.
  • Personal discovery — a journey into understanding your own perception & self.
  • Integrating a variety of techniques to work with the Tarot, both in the context of readings & in performing profound deep work.
  • Development of the practice to a professional degree. You’ll be nothing short of a Tarot badass who knows the ins-and-outs.

Practical Details

Of course, there are practical things to consider, so as to ensure that we are on the same page, such as: The terms of the curriculum, the price & payment, and the agreement we’ll share in our mentor-student relationship.


The standard option for the curriculum is one year long, meeting for sessions bi-weekly for a total of 26 sessions.


It’s important to note that I want this curriculum to work for you. That means that if you have financial limitations or time constraints, you can choose a pace that you personally prefer.


Each session alternates between structured lessons & unstructured check-ins.

The structured lessons are a time where you’ll be presented with new concepts, new exercises, and new things to explore and consider.

The unstructured check-is are for us to talk about your process and how it’s evolving, to get into doing practice sessions, and for you to ask any questions that you’re facing as a result of the practice.


You can pay per session, or pay the full amount up front. The total cost is $1,200.

At the end of the day, this equates to $46/session which, I hope you agree, is extremely affordable for a complete curriculum on this subject that entails significant benefits in your self-development & life journey.

Why is this so affordable? Because to be totally honest, this is the part about Tarot that I feel is the most important piece in my professional practice. I feel compelled to share the Tarot with people in a way that can improve the human condition, because it is capable of illuminating individuals with profound wisdom.

Our Agreement

Legally, the nature of this curriculum is much like a contract. We will need to agree to some terms that will govern the practical details of our relationship, such as payment, premature ending of contract, intellectual property, and these types of things.

We’ll get there when we get there, but for now I’ll say this: The agreement is designed to protect both of us. The nutshell of the agreement: You can pull out of the curriculum at any time, I’m allowed to stop providing lessons if you’re not paying me, and you’re not allowed to rip off my material.

Now You Have Everything You Need

You should feel confident at this stage about making your decision, and whether or not this would be right for you. If you have any additional questions and would like to take the next step, you’re welcome to get in touch using the contact form below.