a skill unlike others

Many people consider the Tarot to be a tool employed by mentalists and fortune-tellers to mystify, amuse and entertain. However, the reality of Tarot's history of use is rich, and it has been employed for generations as a key to understanding the abstract mysteries of human life and the archetypal forces that surround it. As both a map and a key, it is capable of offering many benefits to practitioners, which translate into eternally valuable skills.

  • Facilitates authentic self-discovery.
  • Catalyzes personal breakthroughs.
  • Bestows powerful, motivating inspiration.
  • A tool for troubleshooting all aspects of life.
  • A means to develop one's senses of intuition and analysis.
  • Enhance cognitive ability (it's a symbolic language, among other things).
  • Provides perspectives & glances of life from multiple angles.
  • Fosters depth of understanding through contemplative engagement.
  • A tool for examining and readdressing symbolic associations that may be affecting behavior. (Complexes, inner resistances, triggers)
  • Development of a skill that becomes increasingly valuable in a society that yearns for greater empathy and authentic connection.

a personal quest


Coming to understand the Tarot is an alchemical process. It requires participation and immersion. It is not a skill that can be learned effectively from a book of keywords and spreads. To reap the benefits, the practitioner must sow the seeds and practice with consistency and intrepid consideration.

In doing so, the practitioner will earn a unique understanding of the Tarot based on their personal experience, all the while undergoing some dramatic changes in consciousness, perception and behavior. This experience translates into a unique style of approach that is authentic as it is credible, and capable of being applied in service to others both professionally and charitably.


guidance on the path

For practitioners both new and experienced, a guide on the path is indispensable. My experiences and mistakes over eight years of intense practice, study, and professional development have served in the development of methods to keep you on track in developing a meaningful and fruitful relationship that is uniquely yours.

As a dedicated and devoted practitioner, I am committed to fostering the truth & beauty of the Tarot's innate wisdom, as I know that the world would be made better for it.

  • Kevin has been a guiding light in my tarot studies over the past handful of years. His perspective is fluid rather than fixed, and he finds creative, experimental and spontaneous ways to relate to the deck. The results have both expanded my mind and given me such clarity about my path. A natural teacher, and deeply passionate about the subject, I recommend working with Kevin to the experienced Tarot practitioner and the curious novice alike.
    — Marion Hunt. Asheville, NC.
  • Kevin has such a special relationship with the tarot that there's no room for doubt. His knowledge is thorough and solid. His teaching style is intimate and well organized. Each lesson has been carefully created to grow his students into quality practitioners. He takes his time to make sure that you truly grasp each concept, and learn how to apply each lesson in your everyday life. If you sincerely care about advancing within this practice, landing under Kevin's mentorship is the best place to be. Kevin Wheeler is a humble, talented individual who has mastered Tarot like none other, and I will forever appreciate the gifts he’s shared with me.
    — -Linda Pruitt. Bryson City, NC.
  • I have been participating in the “Asheville Tarot Circle” (ATC) since January of 2016 on a regular basis. During that time I’ve gotten to know Kevin Wheeler, the founder of the ATC quite well. I’ve found him to be an extremely knowledgeable and well-informed master in his field of expertise. In simpler terms – he knows the tarot backwards and forwards. Aside from his vast knowledge of the tarot is the fact that Kevin is a highly experienced and professional tarot reader and tarot educator as well. Kevin demonstrates a genuine concern for both his clients and students.
    — -Denise Marie McClellan - Tarot artist and Practitioner

Aspiring Practitioners

The mentoring program that I offer will provide everything you need to plant effective seeds for the development of your practice. Acting as a coach and mentor, I aim to both challenge and support your development of an authentic relationship with the Tarot.


You will be challenged to arrive at a personal, holistic understanding of the Tarot and its process. This will serve as a unifying foundation in your practice.


You will always have access to clear, well-designed exercises that are varied, interesting, and make sense. In time, it is the consistent practice of exercises that will reveal your relationship to the images, the process, and what works for you.


As we discover your style, we will translate that into the environment of readings you conduct for yourself and others. This will dramatically enhance the quality of your readings by adding a layer of authenticity that you can trust and deliver effectively.


There are Tarot readers, whose application of the Tarot is fairly limited; and there are practicing Tarologists, who apply the Tarot in unique and exciting ways — readings included. You will be equipped with a suite of techniques (and an understanding of their function) to tackle abstract problems in life, and liberate your will in the achievement of personal developments and happiness.


My role is to serve those who choose to journey on this path. It is a path that can be described as quiet yet demanding, and there are bound to be moments that will be trying and uncomfortable. I am here to assist you and provide support as you put pieces together and consider the difficult subjects that the Tarot sometimes draws attention to. In approaching these questions openly and staying the course, you become more flexible in problem-solving in your own life, and a sturdy anchor of empathy & sensitivity in being there for others.


mentoring Options & rates


90 minute

Q&A session

Ask any questions you need answered in regards to your practice.


available for immediate booking

1 hour

Structured lessons

Includes written material & exercises on the vital aspects of successful practice.

$50 per lesson

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complete curriculum

for serious students

A complete curriculum with everything I have to offer. 26 sessions on a bi-weekly basis.


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