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All users are prohibited from violating the security of this site. This includes but is not limited to: 1) Tampering, hacking, corrupting or any other malicious act carried out against it; 2) Accessing or attempting to access private data; 3) Making any attempt to modify the website's operation in any way.


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Liability Disclaimer

Myth & Mask makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information, content, materials or services offered by this site. By accessing this site and its services, you acknowledge that all Tarot readings and advice conveyed therefrom are intended for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Payment Policy

GENERAL: Myth & Mask utilizes Acuity Scheduling and Square to conduct its booking & private transactions for services rendered. All sessions require a $10 deposit for the event of a no-call, no-show. Your credit card information is securely stored within Square's system, and at the completion of a session, Myth & Mask will charge the remainder of the session's fee.  Recurring appointments' deposits are only required for the next scheduled appointment, and each appointment's fee will be charged after each session.

FOR LESSONS: Booking & payment are conducted as per the above policy. Packaged lessons will be charged at the per lesson price at the conclusion of each lesson. All late policies & rescheduling policies apply.

Myth & Mask operates primarily on the principles of reciprocity in trust and good will. If you are absolutely unsatisfied two weeks after a session, I will issue a full refund and cease any continued service.

Late Policy

Clients are expected to be on time with their appointment. A grace period of ten minutes from the established time of appointment is allowed to each client. Once the ten minute grace period has elapsed, the appointment will be canceled with no refund on the scheduled appointment's deposit.

In the unfortunate event that your Tarologist misses your appointment, your reading will be rescheduled and any deposits or payments made will be refunded. The reciprocity of the ten minute grace period is in kind appreciated, and once this period has elapsed the appointment will either be rescheduled or conducted at no charge to the client.

For group readings, all parties have access to the same grace period. Once the grace period has elapsed,  if the party is incomplete the reading will or will not continue based on the unanimous decision of the present parties. In either case, the same payment will be expected as per the Payment Policy.

Rescheduling Policy

Any reading may be rescheduled so long as 24 hours notice is provided prior to the original agreed upon date & time. If this action is attempted without 24 hours notice, Myth & Mask will consider it as a cancellation, and will collect the deposit as per the Payment Policy.

Applicable Law

Myth & Mask is a sole proprietorship operating out of Asheville, North Carolina. The laws of the state of North Carolina will govern these Terms and Conditions without giving effect to any principles or conflict of laws. Myth & Mask reserves the right to amend and make changes to this website and these Terms of Conditions under which it operates, at any time and without any notice.

Privacy Policy

Myth & Mask will never share, give, sell or divulge any personal information provided including: Name, email, billing information, address, name, or any other information you provide for or any of its appointments or services, except for when it is required by law and/or believed that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of Myth & Mask or another person. Myth & Mask  will never contact you regarding promotion or advertising without your consent.

Third Party Sites

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