Forecasting, Fate & Destiny


Lots of people look to the Tarot for insight in regards to their future and what’s in store—it’s a fairly common type of question for us in the field. If you’re considering booking a session with me (or even another practitioner), you may find the following information & perspective helpful as you navigate your session.

When we approach the Tarot in pursuit of insight regarding the future, we are really seeking to gain an angle of preparedness.

That said, preparedness rarely (if ever) makes one ready to experience what they are about to experience.

How about an example

Let’s say you’re invited to go cliff-diving for the first time with your friends. You look at the weather, and it seems agreeable. You pack a towel, some dry clothes, lunch, plenty of water, sun-screen & so forth. But, just because you are prepared does not mean you are ready to take that first dive.

The ironic reality is that we are seldom ready for anything that comes our way, and usually less so when it comes to “diving into” something new & unfamiliar.

It Is Still Wise To Be Prepared

Imagine the same example, only this time you didn’t mind the attention to your own preparedness. Perhaps thunderstorms had been forecasted that day, or perhaps you forgot to bring the sun-screen, or some other important detail. These details have consequences that may not be directly related to the cliff-diving itself, but the journey that surrounds it.

Forecasting is your friend

Now we have an understanding of why forecasting is a valuable exercise. With the Tarot, forecasting gives us a glimpse into some aspects of common life-narrative so that we can have some psychic preparedness. What is meant by this is the ability to suspend panicked reactions, to have an extra level of awareness. When the moment comes along, we can time-travel back to the session and remember any surrounding details that might help us tackle whatever the challenges present. Additionally, this preparedness helps us make the most of a good situation.

This preparedness is one of an inner kind. When meeting challenges or opportunities in life, usually it is the case that the keys to success lie within the inner—if we get this part aligned, things generally fall into place & the way becomes clear.

Fate & Destiny

Now we enter into tricky & somewhat semantic territory. Fate & Destiny are both rather abstract, philosophical notions that tend to tie us up into knots when we attempt to comprehend their existence (whether or not they objectively exist doesn’t really matter) and how they fit into our lives.

Any Tarot practitioner worth their salt comes to give these abstractions some lengthy considerations (perhaps lengthier than would be recommended for psychological health!) and has a way of describing how these influences come into play in their own work & relationship with the practice.

So, before diving in I’ll first say that these are my personal interpretations of these topics, and how I apply them in the work I do with the Tarot & others.

Fate: Ordinary Causal Consequence & The Autopilot

Fate might simply be relegated to the aspect of cause & effect. It’s simple on the surface, but any moment in life is a complex confluence of connections. A circumstance includes people, their stories & attitudes; the environment, its past & its present states; and other influences. Sometimes it is easy to track, such as: “I was rushed this morning, left the gas on and now my house is a pile of cinder!” But sometimes they aren’t, in the case of: “My partner has been acting strange for the past month, and they told me today that they are leaving.”

In this interpretation, fate is more specific—such as when a particular circumstance feels “fated.” Generally we use this phrase when we feel as though influences & circumstances are either aligned with us or against us.

But fate also gives us pause to consider the predictability of experience on a longer-term basis. When life becomes a lock-step pattern of predictable activity, then there are many aspects of experience that can be chalked up to fate. In this secondary interpretation, fate can be understood as a room full of doors that are either opened or closed, based on the perpetuating pattern of one’s narrative & experience.

Destiny: The Life Narrative & Choices with Impact

While we could look at fate as suggesting the impersonal web of causality, destiny feels more personal, more mythological. I like to see it as a “higher octave” of fate. Destiny implies both destination & journey—it’s like the narrative we are weaving as we act & make choices.

Choices say a lot about us, who we are, what we stand for. Choices are all symbolic & have a deeper meaning than the simple surface of what we present to the world.

Continuing this interpretation, destiny is like the larger picture painted by a series of small choices. It’s when we zoom out and look at our lives & consider the direction it’s moving in, and the person we are becoming.

Destiny becomes of great import when we find ourselves at a crossroads, as though choosing a new direction or continuing the current one. These crossroads periods may not happen every day, but when they are, they feel nearly undeniable. Typically, the choices made catalyze long-term changes in one’s personal development, reverberating across the span of several years. Picking up and moving, choosing a (different) career, entering or leaving a serious partnership—these usually result in dramatic transformations in the way life plays out.

Every Moment Contributes To The Narrative

Insofar as the above subjects, my work with others aims to investigate the current patterns of a person’s destiny, the forecast, and translating the Tarot’s presented alternatives for changes. I would not refer to myself as psychic in a “gifted” sense, but in many respects the work to be done is deeply psychic, and it is work that both parties participate in at the table.

The truth of the matter is that a Tarot session in and of itself contributes to an individual’s narrative in a profound way. It is at the table that we take pause to engage and investigate the sign-posts of life, and once we do, we are not likely to ignore what has been affirmed as possible or likely, given the indication of various patterns that may be presented.

In other words: A Tarot session does not happen in a vacuum, or a space that is separate from the rest of your life. A Tarot session is just as connected and capable of influencing your circumstances as any other event. Therefore, it is wise to approach any Tarot session with an awareness of this truth and recognize that in some way, it is capable of influencing your perception toward your experience.

It is recommended to use this to the advantage of your personal growth, and a good tarologist will help you do just that.

In choosing to engage in a Tarot session with anyone, it is recommended that you do so in peace. Take what is genuinely applicable, and with conscious intention, discard the rest.

Kevin Wheeler