memorable entertainment

For events of all kinds, a skilled Tarot practitioner can add an element of mystique and intrigue that will keep people talking about it for years to come.

event experience

a professional icebreaker

My role at events is to provide entertaining & thoughtful social engagement for your guests to participate in, and help your event achieve meeting individual social needs.

The short Tarot sessions I bring to events make for excellent social lubricant, as they provide interesting and engaging topics of conversation for guests to connect over.

fun-sized mysticism

The Tarot can be rather mysterious, and often conveys a pleasant sense of irony, underscored by a touch of proverbial wisdom. Guests whom I sit with at events take notable delight in these aspects of the process and my approach. I always focus on creating an authentic & participatory atmosphere for guests, so they can engage in the process and be a part of a little magic and mystery. 

courteous considerations

Adhering to a refined sense of ethics, my over-arching aims as a practitioner is to foster the growth & well-being of clients and participants. I always make a point to avoid frightening clients or guests or making them feel unsettled — even if the session breaches a sensitive topic.

meaningful moments

For guests, a Tarot session provides a unique opportunity to participate in a meaningful discussion that transcends the ordinary boundaries of small-talk and banter that fills the social atmosphere of events. During a Tarot session, the emphasis is on real and authentic communication. It creates an unforgettable experience that is intimately linked to the event and those responsible for planning it. 

a universal approach

My approach creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at the table that believers, skeptics and even outright naysayers can respect, enjoy and benefit from.



  • Mesmerizing! Kevin is a skilled tarot card reader and draws quite the crowd. I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin on numerous occasions and he has never disappointed. Our guests adore him, praise his intuitiveness and feel comfortable with him. Energetically, Kevin is a soothing soul with a wisdom beyond his years. I always look forward to working an event with him. Guests finish a reading with him and bring friend back up to see Kevin. I highly recommend Kevin as not only a reader, but also at special events.
    — Christine Aiken, Asheville Aerial Arts.

Pricing & Details

Add some dramatic impact at your next event with high-class, refined entertainment that my professional experience can offer.


standard rate


  • Tables, chairs and decoration are provided by event staff.
  • I wear a standard professional outfit.


Sideshow special


  • I provide table, chairs and decoration of my choosing.
  • I wear a costume that I deem appropriate for the event.

deluxe special

request a quote

For special events where the theme must be absolutely cohesive, this option is available. I will work with you in creating the perfect area, and a custom costume for an experience your guests will never forget.

rates may adjust based on distance

The above rates reflect distances within 60 miles of my residence.


I require a ten minute break every 2 hours.

My rate includes the ability to invite one personal guest to the event, without expense, to shoot photo or video for commercial purposes. Guests will always be asked for permission if they are to be included in a photo or video.

I maintain the right to deny any guest a session, or terminate any session in progress for any reason, including but not limited to: Inappropriate intoxication, unwanted advances and verbal abuse. 

All contracts must be paid in full within 30 days.



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