3 Tips On Making Positive Impacts in Your Sessions

Tarot Tips: Making positive impacts in your sessions.

So The Devil, The Hanged Man, and the Knight of Swords walk into a bar…

In this field, being honest with clients is vital for a variety of reasons: Your self-respect, the trust and respect from your client, and the respect you and your client have for the process.

Sometimes, a client may face rather difficult circumstances, and some severity is required in order to fully communicate the message (brutal honesty). That said, there’s really never an excuse to leave a client hanging with a bunch of swords over their head.

So today, we’re gonna talk about a few key points to help you stay focused on making positive impacts, even when facing difficult images.

1. Change is the Only Constant

In both my personal & professional practice, this one notion has continued to serve me over and over when facing challenging readings.

Everything comes to pass at some point or another. When a client is facing a difficult or severe circumstances, I always make a strong effort to remind them of this and drive it home. Clinging to the way things were, the way things should be, is only going to stir up anxiety & frustration. The only sensible thing to do is let go and start afresh.

It’s easier said than done, of course, but luckily we have the tools to…

2. Give them a push

Sometimes, in order to help yourself or a client Houdini a way out of a crappy circumstance and move on to something better, we’ve got to supply a push.

In this sense, we’re talking about a shift of attention. You (or the client) may have approached the reading with attention fixated on the troubling circumstances in question. This is where the real problem is.

In order for anything to change, the attention is what needs to change. So, during the session we focus on shifting the attention toward solutions, options, and possibilities that surround the circumstances.

An easy way to do that is by…

3. Leave time for an extra spread

Create an “options” spread explicitly for the purposes of these situations. The one I designed & used is 6-cards, sort of like this:


The bottom row of 3 cards represents the potential gateways the client can choose to use in their perspective, while the row above represents where that gateway may lead as a result.

In other words, if card #1 was Justice, and card #2 was the 9 of Cups, then a suitable interpretation might be that taking more time to weigh actions & consequences in the circumstances can lead to a sense of contentment & fulfillment.

This essentially gives you or your client a choice in how circumstances may be attended to differently. When all parties can see the relevance & possibilities in their inner vision, wonders will often occur.


These points have served me very well in my personal & professional practice. It’s important to recognize that the Tarot is, among other things, a language of change. We can work with its symbolic narratives in our inner vision to sort of, “recalibrate” attention to move forward.

Of course, getting into this topic in the depth that it truly deserves is not something suitable for a blog post! If you have any additional questions regarding the integration of these tips & approach, you’re always welcome to schedule a practitioner Q&A session.


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