Kevin Wheeler

Beginning my journey into the Tarot in 2010, I found myself captivated by the images and the mysteries I was sure they contained. I practiced and studied for several years as a quiet, private passion. Along the way, several note-worthy readings (and the corresponding events in my life) all but forced me to rethink my personal identity, goals and relationships, catalyzing a dramatic transformation of character.

While residing in an artist collective in the year of 2013, a friend encouraged me to begin reading for others and simultaneously began introducing me to new acquaintances as a practitioner. From there, a career began to take shape.

Since then I have worked in nearly every corner of the industry — entertaining at events, advising through phone lines, through my former website as a content creator (Fateweaver Tarot), as a mentor to aspiring practitioners, and as a community leader.

My goal is to share the fruits of my connection to the Tarot with my clients, and to facilitate the ground-breaking changes in their lives that would help shift their course to the pursuit of authenticity and fulfillment.


  • I have been deeply involved with the Tarot, Kabbalah, and many other forms of mysticism, for almost 40 years. Kevin Wheeler is hands-down the most instinctive, intuitive, and knowledgeable practitioner of Tarot I have come across in that entire time span. His ability to weave multiple threads of mystery into a single accessible idea makes him without peer in representing the Tarot to anyone - from the newest neophyte to the most experienced practitioners. Even more important than Kevin's knowledge is his character. In the entire time I have known Kevin, I have only ever seen him focused on the welfare and growth of the person or community he is serving. He has no agenda other than that. I admire Kevin and I trust him implicitly. I'm inordinately honored to call him my friend.
    — Lable Braun, Asheville Tarot Circle (Founding Member)
  • Kevin Wheeler’s knowledge of tarot and willingness to help others learn is of value to experienced and inexperienced readers alike. I have benefited from his facilitation of the Asheville Tarot Circle for more than a year as well as his classroom instruction. I highly recommend both.
    — Cynthia Guilfoy. Asheville Tarot Circle (Member)


  • Practicing Tarologist of 8 Years with over 5000 estimated hours of sessions conducted.
  • International client-base.
  • Have mentored over a dozen people into fruitful practice with the Tarot.
  • Formerly an active adviser on a well-known hotline (legally, am not able to name it) (2016)
  • Authored weekly tarotscopes that were critically-acclaimed by the Tarosophy Association (samples available by request). 2015-2016.
  • Authored the playbill of the Fox & Beggar Theater's circus-theater production, Tarocco: A Soldier's Tale. (2015)
  • Founder & co-organizer of the Asheville Tarot Circle. (2015-Current)
  • Contracted entertainment with Asheville Aerial Arts. (Began 2016)

unrelated to tarot

My other interests & pursuits include the creation of ceramic pottery, esoteric literature & philosophy, homesteading & permaculture, and community-living dynamics. 

If you'd like to take a look at the pottery I currently have for sale via the internet, you can head on over to my Etsy store, Aquarian Artifacts.


(Book me for your next event)

  • Wedding, hosted by Lioncrest at the Biltmore Estate. September 2017. (Asheville Aerial Arts)
  • HiWire Brewing's Birthday Circus, hosted at HiWire Brewing. July 2017. (Asheville Aerial Arts)
  • Self Regional Hospital Gala, hosted at the Greenwood Multicultural Center in Greenwood, SC. January 2017. (Asheville Aerial Arts) 
  • Menage A Freak, hosted by Wicked Weed April 2016. (Asheville Aerial Arts)
  • Tarocco: A Soldier's Tale, hosted by The Orange Peel. May & June 2015.
  • Mojo Kitchen & Lounge's one year anniversary party. January 2015.
  • Residential Halloween party. October 2014.
  • Psychic Fair at the Masonic Temple in Downtown Asheville, 2014.
  • Animalia, produced by the Fox & Beggar theater. Spring 2014.
  • Summer Solstice at the Landing. Summer 2014.
  • Pulcino, a Day of the Dead Carnival produced by the Fox & Beggar Theater. November 2013.
  • Dreamtide, a Winter Solstice Celebration at The Landing. December 2012.