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Your Myth, Your Mask

The commitment of Myth & Mask is in fostering authentic development of peoples’ narratives & character (the Myth & Mask). For most people, these are the primary traits that the experience of our lives are made of and develop through.

What stories are you telling yourself? When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? How can these change?

Working with the Tarot, a symbolic mirror of the narrative of human consciousness, the aim is to dive deeply into these massive psychic landscapes, explore them intrepidly, and work out solutions & pathways of development. You can think of this as a practical application of art & philosophy to life.

It’s a process that means different things to different people. Some find and gain the courage to explore a pathway toward something new and exciting; some experience a release of an old, worn-out pattern; some come to know themselves more thoroughly, more deeply; some get insight about the direction & motion of their life, and feel empowered to continue (or change) their course.

It’s impossible to predict what the Tarot may reveal to a person who approaches it—there’s magic(k) and mystery here, to be sure. At the end of the day, however, it’s about your story, your character, and enhancing the authenticity of your relationship with yourself.

My name’s Kevin Wheeler, and I invite you to join me for a session!


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an artist of a rare kind

Incorporating a multimodal mix of philosophies & techniques, I treat my work as an interpersonal art-form. 

Experiencing Tarot authentically is a journey into the self. It is an exploratory experience that has the potential to shift one's attention, catalyzing changes in perspective, which then go on to lead to actual life changes.

My aim is always to assist my clients in perceiving the relevance of the Tarot in their lives, and to make the message of the session work in the scope of their personal development.

In addressing the contents of the inner, abstract reality, the way becomes cleared for changes in the outer reality of one's life & circumstances.

In short: This is psychic art.

In light of this, I work with motivated clients that desire to embrace new changes in their lives—changes that reflect the life that they authentically want to live. I work with the Tarot as the map of the journey toward those changes.




a devoted practitioner

As a practitioner for 8 years, my experience with the Tarot is broad, deep and involved. Though I have worked in every corner of the industry, the authenticity of my claim lies in the fact that I live alongside the Tarot as a way of life—a deep and profound relationship. 

Over the course of my practice, I have cultivated a refined sense of ethics and sense of client-care duty. I treat Tarot as a deep ritual that may have significant impact on my clients' lives, while maintaining (and encouraging) a healthy sense of skepticism. 

In conducting sessions, I always aim to foster the client's understanding of their circumstances in ways that benefit their perspective, and to see the opportunities for personal growth that are available.

As a mentor & community leader, my aim is primarily to help people work with the Tarot in a way that enriches their development and complexity as individuals. To me, the Tarot presents a philosophy & way of life that encourages us to understand the narratives of our own lives, and to embrace the changes that can bring us closer to who we truly want to be.


Kind words from clients

  • I had a privilege of having Kevin do two tarot readings recently. Each time he explained the meaning of the cards in depth, based on his profound knowledge, wisdom, intuition and insight as well as his own experiences, while using the language that was easy to understand. He really knows what he is talking about!
    — M.G. Asheville, NC
  • I had the privilege of receiving a reading by Kevin a few months ago as I was embarking on a great cross country adventure. The perfect time for a reading! It was utterly relevant and profound, not to mention enjoyable. Kevin’s intuitive understanding of the magick of tarot inspired me deeply. He recommended some books to me and my journey with tarot has since deepened. Thanks you Kevin, kind, gentle and wise soul, for sharing your gifts with me.
    — Aura L. Portland, Oregon
  • Kevin, thank you so much for my reading! I felt both reassured & a sense of relief to be reminded of my inner knowing & encouraged to honor myself & stay true to my chosen path. I believe you possess an innate gift in your ability interpret & intuit the individual card meanings & their relation to the overall combined meaning of the reading. I found your words beautifully expressive in communicating your own personal understanding & knowledge of the deeper symbolism within each card image. I am very grateful to have received the opportunity of the sharing of your gift with me. I know you will continue to help many others on their own paths & I will continue to recommend you to anyone earnestly seeking guidance! Blessings to all!
    — -Lisa B. Asheville, NC.
  • Why should you get a reading from Kevin? Firstly, he doesn’t make false promises. Secondly, he’s reliable and has given me accurate insights to problems which I was not even aware of before the reading. Third, he’s willing to answer questions, approachable, and knows the Tarot inside out. There are many Tarot readers who claim to tell the future, but Kevin’s skills are far more valuable – he empowers you to find the best future for yourself. This is evident through his passionate promotion of Tarot culture, and his familiarity with other forms of magick and esoteric knowledge.
    — Karmun K. Sydney, Australia.
  • Kevin provides thoughtful, intelligent readings that are an enlightening and valuable exercise even for those of us who don’t really go in for “fortune-telling.” A Tarot reading with Kevin is more like a richly self-reflective conversation than a hocus-pocus enchantment session. He focuses on the archetypal significance of the cards and suggests possibilities for interpretation rather than forcing personal agendas or scripts on the asker. In other words, if you sit in a session with him, I can almost guarantee that you will come away from the experience thinking of something familiar in your life from a new angle, even if this is your first Tarot experience.
    — Allison C. Asheville, NC.
  • Thank you so much for probably the most captivating, clear, and provocative reading of my life. I’ve never come at a reading like that; I had already sorted out a good deal in my head before the first card was ever drawn, just through our simple and incredibly grounded discussion. You’ve got a one-of-a-kind style, Kevin. I hope people keep finding you, and I’ll sure do my best to lead them to you.
    — Nat A. Fox & Beggar Theater. Portland, OR.
  • I got a read from Kevin, and I must say it was amazingly spot on. It was my first ever, and I didn’t really know what to expect, so I was amazed at the accuracy that I was able to identify myself and my life situation from what I received. Also, I was surprised of the level of detail that truly applied to me, as I was expecting more generalized information. Will definitely be doing this again!
    — Rene K. Helsinki, Finland.


Tarot readings with Kevin Wheeler.
AshevilleTarot reader Kevin at Pulcino 2013.
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